Ouch(UK) is the leading worldwide charity dedicated to helping sufferers of the devastating condition of Cluster Headache.

The CiviCRM Drupal website we created enables users to join online, make a donation, book places for meetings, join the very active community message boards as well as read up on all the latest information on cluster headache news and treatments. The member database and site content is managed by charity administrators.

Charity Web Design

We have been working with OUCH(UK) for many years and built their first site in 2006. As the charity grew it became apparent that they needed to upgrade their systems to be more cohesive and also to incorporate a robust membership database - as the Excel spreadsheet they had been using had outgrown its purpose!

CiviCRM Website

Using a combination of Drupal and CiviCRM we set up a comprehensive membership solution which helps the charity keep track of members details, subscriptions and renewals. We can also track all contacts with members through CiviCRM.

Drupal and CiviCRM also allow the charity to be managed by a group of trustees and volunteers spread across Britain. Using Drupal's permissions systems we have set up a number of roles which we can then grant permissions for specific tasks and information areas. For instance, forum moderators have access to edit and delete forum posts and membership administrators can handle all areas of membership details. Individual users can be assigned multiple roles.

CiviCRM for Charities

The site is powered by CiviCRM for the underlying database technology combined with Drupal for the front end website display elements. CiviCRM is open source Customer Relationship Management software which integrates seamlessly with Drupal. It is an incredibly powerful piece of software which is used by organisations such as Amnesty International and the Wikimedia Foundation, and is proving very valuable to OUCH(UK).

CiviCRM doesn't just handle memberships and renewals, it allows you to keep records of every transaction you have with any individual or organisation, be they members, donors, volunteers or event participants. It's a great platform for eliciting donations and its tailor-made event management systems are really helping OUCH with events and conferences. On the whole, it's helping OUCH to have a better understanding of what is going on in their organisation.

OUCH(uk) responsive website design

Continual development

Websites need to be continually moving forwards to survive the relentless pace of change on the internet. Several years ago we upgraded the OUCH(uk) site from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 and simultaneously updated CiviCRM - a technically difficult and challenging process but well worth it. We also took advantage of the upgrade to design a new logo and website layout which is responsive to the size of viewing screen meaning the site looks great no matter what device you are using.

OUCH(uk) Brand Design

Turtlereality have taken the OUCH brand through a number of incarnations, each one an incremental step in the right direction.

When we started working with OUCH, over ten years ago, their logo used the comic-sans typeface. Shocking! The logo they now have is modern fresh and flexible.

Logo Design

OUCH(uk) Product Photography

Product shots taken for the launch of the new OUCH(uk) e-commerce website.

The new shop has been very successful, in part because of the crisp clear photography which illustrates the products.

OUCH(uk) Product Photography

Turtlereality came up trumps with a comprehensive site perfectly tailored for our needs. There is no 'sales talk' and often we are contacted with suggestions for improvements which are for our benefit, not theirs.

OUCH(uk), UK Charity

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